Vogel Pumpen becomes the Lowara Vogel series

Cover_Migration_webresAs part of an ongoing focus on the industrial market, Vogel Pumpen will now be incorporated into the flagship Lowara branded pump line.


Going forward, Vogel Pumpen will be known as the Lowara Vogel Series and become part of the overall Lowara portfolio of pumps. The newly branded Lowara Vogel Series includes heavy end suction pumps, casted multi-stage pumps and large casted borehole pumps.


The Lowara Vogel Series, will continue the rich 105 year heritage of Vogel within the heavy industrial pumping sector and will remain available to customers through the current Vogel Pumpen distribution channels.


The Lowara Vogel Series pumps significantly strengthens the Lowara offering, widening its potential field of applications beyond commercial and residential into new industrial sectors such as oil & gas, mining, power generation and steel mills; reinforcing the position as market leaders in pumping solutions.


The full migration of the range will be complete by early 2015.



Graphic2-400The Lowara Vogel series product range (effective Jan 1st 2015)

End Suction pumps

  • LS, LC
  • LSB
  • LSN

Multistage pumps

  • MPE
  • P, PVa

Borehole pumps

  • TVS

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The Lowara Vogel Series pumps significantly strengthens the Lowara offering in the industrial sector