Lowara – The Value of Quality

The term “Quality” and the evolution of its meaning in history are often topics of discussion: What is Quality?

There are many answers: “lack of defects, doing things right first time, conformity to requirements,…”.

But what does Quality mean to Lowara?

It is a value shared within the whole organisation ensuring that the company activities are carried out by each individual to the best of their abilities, and only in this way can the level of customer satisfaction that makes Lowara and Vogel Pumpen leading companies in their industry be obtained.

This concept is reflected both within the organisation and outside, recognising the key role of the Customer. And with this is mind, in order to increase the opportunities for dialogue with the Customer, it is possible to have a direct communication channel by clicking on the email address of the Lowara and Vogel Pumpen Quality Systems Structure for any requests or issues relating to Quality (certificates, conformity declarations for products, etc).

Lowara and Vogel Pumpen are not just aware of the value of their employees within the association, resulting from the enhancement of their individual skills, but also the demonstration of how intellectual and manual commitment to company resources are used for bringing out the classical concepts of continuous improvement which, when applied to everyday operations, ensure that the processes work according to the highest standards of effectiveness and efficiency.

Taking these concepts into consideration, Lowara and Vogel Pumpen have reviewed its processes in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 regulation, obtaining the renewal of the certificate in 2011, which was granted for the first time in 1993.

For more info contact us at lowara.qualita@xyleminc.com